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Great Britain
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4 Star Review


“… re-addresses the notion of Progressive. “

Not so much a traditional rock album as an ethereal experience then, 'Nobody Cares' is full of multi tracked instrumentation, phased-vocals, a mix of dirgy progressions and contrasting rich melodic sweeps…

… Ezryn Zyzyx uses his voice as an emotional lever - part feel, part ad hoc musical instrument …

'Dragons Fly'… will surely pick up new fans on the back of this free download with its core Gilmour style progressive guitar line.

'My Crime' … feels a bit like an audio version of a painter experimenting with colours in an attempt to search for something slightly different.


Review by Pete Feenstra


Heavy Metal Magazine
Florence, Italy

4 Star Review


The album moves among scores of a clear matrix of progressive psychedelic rock to mainstream radio in a perfect union representing the last 30 years of rock music.

Ezryn Zyzyx is dedicated to the American rock sound, heavily influenced by the psychedelia of Pink Floyd, the melody of Oasis and Foo Fighters, mixing a confidence of the whole personality and a touch of fantasy.

… deliberate for the most chaotic and wildly psychopathic, it leaves its cleaner parts purely melodic and slow.





…a diverse crossing of genres…

Ezryn's songs have a slight progressive complex layering… underneath the catchy upper melodies. … On top, the voice ties everything together.

…keeping within a certain octave and “sedate” type of moody singing... it typifies his music in a positive way and makes for an album with socially aware lyrics which warrant a second listening session.



All music was written and recorded by Ezryn Zyzyx and has been registered with ASCAP.

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