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We're not going to pretend: Zyzyx Music (Zyzyx Independent Music) is not really a record label (we only have one artist.) It is nothing more than a group of Ezryn's friends and supporters who are convinced his musical talent will move others as it has moved us. We formed it in order to get the word out and support the music.
Justice & Independence. In listening to Ezryn's music, you'll notice these themes emerge. As Zyzyx Music progresses, Stage Left will begin to reflect our undying support for people and projects that champion these concepts. As a starter, check out the Justice Project - an organization dedicated to Justice for the wrongly accused, or check Stage Left for more.


A former History teacher in Peoria, Illinois, USA and in the harsh environs of inner city Los Angeles, California, Ezryn moved to an Indian Reservation on the Northern Plains of North America to help found a non-profit corporation with family and friends there in 2006.  The effort collapsed, leaving Ezryn broke and virtually homeless.  His only possessions;  some old recording gear, a few remaining instruments, and an old pickup truck.  He lived in a 12’x12’ storage room in an abandoned community center, renovating it with donated materials.  He lived without running water for almost two years before moving off the reservation to jump back into education, teaching at the collegiate level.  After years of public service and more years of quietly writing music for his own pleasure, Ezryn finally decided it was time to record an album. 


All music was written and recorded by Ezryn Zyzyx and has been registered with ASCAP.

All music and images Copyright ZIM 2010.