In listening to Ezryn's music, you'll notice the themes of justice and independence emerge. As Zyzyx Music progresses, the website will increasingly reflect our undying support for people and projects that champion these concepts. As a starter, check out the websites on the "Injustice" page which detail one travesty of injustice after another.

Ever felt like you've been punished for your independent spirit? or for doing the right thing? That is the basic concept behind the song "My Crime" and the webpage "Their Crime." Some of the worst injustices comes from when people are vilified for simply doing the right thing. It happens all too often and the "Their Crime" page details just a few. People and events like these, in part, have greatly influenced Ezryn's lyrical content.


All music was written and recorded by Ezryn Zyzyx and has been registered with ASCAP.

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